Journey To Hell

1678, England, south coast. One night some strange symbols appear in the crop fields near the village of Newhell.

As the population depends on his crops to survive, the damaged harvest is declared an act of Devil.

Martyn van Dalem is the last member of a Dutch sorcerers dynasty and the last chance for the local peasants to defeat the evil forces, save the harvest and the entire world..

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A beggar in the game can give you many hints (when you give him a bronze coin). Please use this W.T. only if you're really stuck.

Get the Astrolabe
Remove Alilade from Astrolabe (use astrolabe on hand in inventory)
Go Left (House - Living Room)
Get Fire Tongs
Remove the Screw from the Fire Tongs in the inventory (Use the Alilade on fire tongs)
Go Right (House - Bedroom)
Sleep until dusk
Use Astrolabe (without Alilade) on window
Use The Right or Left part of the Fire Tongs on The Floor Tile
go down (enter the Secret Room)
Get the Key
Use Key On lock (get magic wand and book)
Go Upstairs
Sleep until dawn
Get Bag with coins
Get a sheet of paper
Go left (living room)
Get Candle
Get NewHell's Map
Get Phial
Use Uncle's book on easel
Interact book (right button)
Close book
Go left (Garden)
Go left (Crossroads)
Go Up-Left (Black mountains Crossroads)
Talk to Peasant (He'll tell you about the nun)
Go Up (Monastery)
Go Up (Monastery Entrance)
Talk to Nun
Go Down
Go Down (Black Mountains Crossroads)
Go left (Black Mountains)
Talk to Hermit (He'll tell you about Venice and Father Sanguinetti)
Go Right (B.M. Crossroads)
Go Right (Crossroads)
Go Up-right (Town Of NewHell's main square - right side)
Talk to old woman and buy seeds
Go left (NewHell's main square - left side)
Go up-left (Blacksmith)
Use candle on fire (lit candle)
Talk to blacksmith and buy bodkin and hammer
Go right (NewHell's main square - left)
Go right (NewHell's main square - right)
Go down (Crossroads)
Go right (Kitchen Garden)
Put seeds in the garden's hole (the middle one)
Use phial on hand in inventory (Remove the paper cork from the phial)
use paper cork on hand in inventory (now crumpled paper)
Use opened phial on hole with seeds
Get some berries
Go right (House - Living Room)
Put berries in the cauldron
Use lit candle on wood
Interact Cauldron (Now you have the RAIN POWER - no lightning)
Go left (Kitchen Garden)
Go left (Crossroads)
Go Up-right (NewHell's main square - right)
Go left (NewHell's main square - left)
Go Up-right (tavern)
talk to inn keeper
Sit and ask for Bread and butter
Get Knife
Talk to adventurer and Buy him a beer
While the Innkeeper is serving the beer use Knife on Window
Go up (NewHell's main square - left) Go Right (NewHell's main square - right)
Get The Knife
Go Down (Crossroads)
Go Right (Garden)
Go Right (House - Living Room)
Go Right (House - Bedroom)
Go Down (Secret Room)
Use Knife on Mould (get mould)
Go up (Bedroom)
Go Left (Living Room)
Go left (Garden)
Go left (Crossroads)
Go left (Road to Cemetery)
Use mould on Heap Of Manure
Get Mushroom
Go right (Crossroads)
Go right (Kitchen Garden)
Go right (House - Living Room)
Use mushroom on cauldron
Interact cauldron (Now you have the EARTH POWER)
Go left (Garden)
Get yellow Bud
Go Right (House - Living Room)
Use Bud on cauldron
Interact cauldron (Now you have the RAIN AND LIGHTNING POWER)
Go left (Garden)
Go left (Crossroads)
go left (road to cemetery)
go left (cemetery)
wait until midnight
talk to grave digger
use knife on broken trunk (get piece of cork oak)
use lit candle on piece of cork oak (now burnt cork oak)
use burnt cork oak with crumpled paper (in inventory): now you can read 5 letters: V-R-Y-B-G
go right (road to cemetery)
go right (crossroads)
Go Up-right (NewHell's main square - right)
Go right (harbour)
Talk to knight
Go left (NewHell's main square - right)
Go left (NewHell's main square - left)
Talk to guard
Use Earth Power and when the gaurd is away get the rope from the well
Go Up-right (Tavern)
sit down and buy pancakes
go up (NewHell's main square - left)
go up (enter the inn: you must leave the inn and go back there to find the pancakes on the table)
get pancakes
talk to adventurer
Go Up (NewHell's main square - left)
Go right (NewHell's main square - right)
Wait until 6-7 p.m and Talk to Lyla
Go down (Crossroads)
Go left (Road to cemetery)
Go left (cemetery)
While the demon is in the middle bottom of the screen use RAIN AND LIGHTNING POWER to kill him
1)-- If you kill the demon:
Talk to guard
Go left (Archduke's Garden)
[just remember to go back to the cemetery to get Lyla's handkerchief when you'll leave Archduke's estate] 2)-- If you don't kill the demon:
Get Lyla's Handkerchief from the tomb
Go right
Go right (crossroads)
Go up-right (NewHell's main square - right)
Go left (NewHell's main square - left)
Give Lyla's handkerchief to the guard
Go left (Archduke's Garden)
Go left (Archduke's house)
Talk to archduke
After the conversation use RAIN AND LIGHTENING POWER to show him your powers
while the Archduke is talking to the other person get the feather from the hat
Go right (Archduke's Garden)
Go right (NewHell's main square - left)
Go right (NewHell's main square - right)
Go right (Harbour)
Talk to knight
Interact Galleon (Go to map)
Interact Venice
Interact Hotel (Go outside hotel)
Talk to Venetian merchant
Go right (bridge)
Interact Gondola
Interact shack's door
USE RAiN and lightning POWER 3 times to flood the area
Talk to priest
Interact Gondola
Go left (Outside hotel)
interact boat (Go to Map)
Interact Newhell
Go left (NewHell's main square - right)
Go south (Crossroads)
Go right (Garden)
Go right (House - living room)
Go right (House - Bedroom)
Get uncle Jeronimus' Picture
sleep until 6 a.m.
Look at picture (in inventory)
Go left (House - Living room)
put dark berries in mortar
put feather in mortar
use feather on paper in inventory (write the letter)
go left (Garden)
go left (crossroads)
go up-right (NewHell's main square - right)
go up (Cathedral) when it's mass time - 6 a.m.)
talk to parson
use portrait on parson (go to crypt)
use candle on mouth (in inventory)
Use Knife on candle (in inventory) - get wax pieces
Use wax pieces on lock - get key mold
go right (cathedral)
Use empty phial on basin of holy water
go left (Newhell main square right)
go left (Newhell main square left)
go up-left (blacksmith)
give key mold to blacksmith (get key)
Use Knife on candle (in inventory) - get more wax pieces
use candle on fire (lit candle)
go back to crypt
use key on lock
use wax pieces on paper (in inventory)
use lit candle on paper and wax (in inventory)
use letter on coat of arms
go back to Venice (to father Sanguinetti's shack)
Interact door
talk to father Sanguinetti
...Sister Angela's room:
go right (convent chapel)
get sacred vessel
use phial with holy water on sacred vessel (in inventory)
Go left (sister Angela's room)
Use vessel with holy water on sister Angela
Talk to sister Angela She'll tell you about lost pyramids
interact notes
Go right (convent Chapel)
Go south (Outside the convent)
interact astronomy books
memorize the coordinates
get constellation map
Go right
Use bodkin with hammer (in inventory)
Use bodkin and hammer on rocks (Get rock basin)
Use rock basin on black water
Go Down (B.M. crossroads)
go left (black mountains)
enter the stone circle and use teleportation to magic peak (stone circle on the right in map)
wait until midnight
use telescope
type the coordinates that you found in the astronomy book (get the plan with Sirius constellation)
use teleportation again to harbour
interact galleon
interact Alexandria (in map)
talk to camel driver go up (enter the village)
talk to the arab merchant (if the shop is open, otherwise go right (outside the hotel, enter the hotel -right again- and sleep until 6 a.m.) after talking to arab merchant Go left (Naima's home)
Talk to Naima and ask her for lost pyramids
Go up (exit Naima's house)
Go right
Go right and sleep until 10:00 p.m. (night)
Go left
Go left (Alexandria's harbour)
Talk to camel driver again and buy a camel
Interact Camel
Go right (desert)
follow the paths where the meteorite is going to fall (path 2-3-1-4-2)
talk to bedouin
go left (Alexandria's harbour)
go to Naima's home again
Talk to Naima
memorize the code
go back to desert again
Take these paths:
-Fourth path (if you want follow the stone code using constellation map on the sky)
-first path
-first path
-second path
-fourth path
-third path
-Go right (no paths)
-first path (Go Outside pyramids)
Interact Pyramid entrance
go outside the pyramid
use bag on hand (in inventory) to remove coins
use bag on desert sand
go right (enter the pyramid)
memorize the painting upon the door (four people sitting in line with strange hats)
use rope on lever
use bag with sand on rope
go north, but you can't go right (there's a big scorpion in the room)
go north
go left (get out of the pyramid)
go back to the Alexandria's harbour
talk to camel driver
go up (village)
talk to arab merchant
go back to NewHell
go to the tavern
talk to the adventurer
go back to galleon
interact galleon
interact whale point on map
kill the whale
go back to NewHell
go the blacksmith
buy a helmet
go to your kitchen garden
put magic wand in a hole
helmet on another hole
use basin with hot water in the third hole (the one that has no helmet nor wand)
get the mole
use knife on mole (in inventory - get mole's hair)
go back to Egypt
go up (village)
go right (outside the hotel)
if the snake enchanter isn't there sleep until dusk
use mole on snake
get snake
interact dead enchanter (get flute)
go to pyramids again (to the scorpion's room)
use snake on hand (in inventory)
play the flute to move the cobra close to the scorpion - kill the scorpion
go right
interact the stone disc
make the combination (reproduce Sirius constellation):

-Click once on central sphere (the big one)
-click once on north-west sphere
-click once on south-west sphere
-click four times on central sphere (one turn)
-click once on west sphere
-click four times on central sphere (one turn)
-click twice on west sphere
-click once on north-west sphere
-click twice on central sphere
-click once on north-east sphere
-click twice on south-east sphere

go up
take the jewels from the statues
memorize the hieroglyphics upon the third statue
go down
go left and go back to arab town
go up
use sacred vessel on merchant (get the Egyptian vase)
go down (harbour)
interact boat
interact Venice (in map)
use Egyptian vase on merchant (Now you're ready to translate the hieroglyphics in the pyramid:

the word is the name of a goddess: Nephthys)
interact boat
interact NewHell on map
go to the black mountains crossroads
go up
use basin with hot water
go down
go left
use basin with hot water on limestone
interact the monster head (right button)
use scarab jewel on hand (in inventory)
use scarab jewel (without base) on monster's mouth
use the two other Egyptian jewels on monster's eyes
write the translated name: "nephthys"
go up (enter Black mountains cave)
interact treasure
interact the drawings (right button)
wipe off the drawings representing straight sex, female masturbation, doggy style sex and cunnilingus
talk to dwarf-bird
go left
use earth Power
get mud
use mud on first hole (from left)
get mud again
use mud on third hole
use bodkin and hammer on second (central) hole
go right (b.m. crossroads)
go right (crossroads)
go left
interact manure (get manure)
go back to cave
use rope on stalagmite
go down (underworld)
go left
use manure on big worm
get golden wand
interact central gas
go right
go to tavern
talk to adventurer
go to harbour
interact galleon
interact water dragon point (in map)
press S key (to skip the fight)
interact galleon again
go to alexandria
go up
use one of the pyramid jewels on arab merchant
go left
interact boat
interact NewHell (in map)
go to blacksmith
buy horse and sword
go right (NewHell main square - right)
interact horse (to dismount)
use pancakes on old woman (get red seeds)
interact horse
go to cemetery
dismount horse
use red seeds on grave
mount horse
use sword on red berries (get red berries)
go to kitchen garden
use knife on horse (get horse hair)
go right (living room)
use red berries on cauldron
interact cauldron (now you have fire Power)
use mole's hair on cauldron
use horse hair on cauldron
get giant egg
go to magic peak
use giant egg on bowl
dial the colours combination:
Press the violet rock (V)
Press the red rock (R)
Press the yellow rock (Y)
Press the blue rock (B)
Press the green rock (G)
Now you made a horse-mole monster
go to the black mountains crossroads
dismount the horse (if you were mounting)
turn on horse-mole power
interact wall
go up (enter the tunnel)
go as close as possible to the Hell entrance (on the small path on the right side of the screen)
face the dragon and when it appears shoot it 3 times with fire Power
use earthquake Power
get dragon ashes
go back to kitchen garden
cut horse hair again
go home (living room)
use dragon ashes on cauldron
use horse hair on cauldron
get giant egg
go to magic peak and repeat the rite
now you have the horse-dragon Power
go right (road to magic peak)
turn on horse-dragon power
interact crystal mountain
when you're on the top of the mountain use magic wand on crystal ball
use rain and lightning Power
interact left part of the crystal ball (get crystal fragment)
interact horse-dragon (mount)
use crystal fragment on triangular slot
dismount the horse-dragon
use sword on force field
wait until noon
now the sword has been charged with sun Power
get sword
interact dragon-horse
go left (down the mountain)
go home and sleep until 10:30 p.m.
go to cemetery
turn on dragon-horse
interact ruins
fight the minotaur (stay on the left side of the screen and click on minotaur as soon as it appears)
use hat on hand (in inventory)
get blood plant
interact dragon-horse
go home (living room)
use blood plant on cauldron
now you have wind Power
go right
sleep until 10.30 p.m.
go left
go left (crossroads)
wait until midnight
go close to the fireflies
use wind Power
interact north (make a tornado going north)
get a firefly
go right (kitchen garden)
use knife on horse (get more horse hair)
go back home (living room)
use firefly on cauldron
use horse hair on cauldron
get the giant egg
go to magic peak and repeat the rite
now you have a horse-firefly monster
go back to Hell entrance
enter Hell
turn on horse-firefly
dial the combination (you have to reproduce the shape of hats in pyramid's painting: circle, triangle, circle, square)
interact power sphere (the buttons on the central panel will change to square)
interact the first button (from left) on the control panel
interact two times the power sphere (until the buttons are circles)
interact the second button from left
interact two times the power sphere (until the buttons are triangles)
interact third button from left
interact power sphere just once
interact last button on panel (the fourth from left)
use handkerchief on ice ball
use ice ball on first crater (upper right) to put it out
use ice ball on third crater (bottom right)
use ice ball on fourth crater (bottom left)
use ice ball on sixth crater (upper left)
use sword on hand (in inventory)
use sword on black heart

---CONGRATULATIONS---(the ending will change depending on if you did save Lyla - happy ending - or if you didn't)

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